Stages of Readiness to Change

Are you ready for a lifestyle change?

Precontemplation: Are you in denial?. You are not intending to change anytime soon (that is, within six months). You are unaware of and/or denying the need for lifestyle change. You’re pessimistic, especially about your ability to change or the real benefits of becoming more active and modifying your diet.

Contemplation: Are you considering? Weighing the costs, effort, treatment and time commitment, you mull over joining a fitness or weight-loss program in the near future. This stage is often characterized by ambivalence. You may remain in this stage for months or even years.

Preparation: Have you made the first move? You’ve scheduled an appointment with me as your Nutrition Specialist/Personal Trainer and/or you’ve joined Training Personally and are exercising regularly. You’ve also started to limit your consumption of junk food.

Action: You are changing your behavior. You’re going to the gym regularly, walking regularly, planning meals and/or keeping a diet record. Unfortunately, during the action stage, you are at greatest risk for relapse.

Maintenance: You’ve done it. You have successfully sustained lifestyle modification. You continue to actively utilize methods to monitor and control your behavior. You may even be avoiding situations that would increase the probability of slips and relapse.